The Family

10517221_10100515410909681_3769210927282527079_oTyler (my honey) and I started dating when we were 19 and have been married for over ten years.

We met when we were in high school and were “just friends” for a very long time before we realized we had fallen for each other. For me, all the signs pointed to him – he is a Catholic like me, he always wanted a big family, and he loves me for who I am.

Like any other couple, we’ve had good times and bad, but we always stick together no matter what. And our faith in God has been monumental in making our marriage what it is today.

So let me introduce everyone:

My husband, Tyler, fiercely loves his family and his faith, hunting, and the Chicago Cubs. His full-time job is maintenance at our local Catholic high school, and he’s big into volunteering for youth ministry in all his “spare” time.

We are the parents to six children, ages 11 and under.

“TT”, age 11
“Peach”, age 10
“Vanilla”, age 8
“Skeeter”, age 6
“Godzilla”, age 4
“Sunny”, age 2
“Chewbacca”, in utero

(picture of all these babies coming soon)