Advice for President Trump from our Kindergartners

January 24th, 2017 | Posted by Bryn in Catholic | Faith | Kids

My six-year-old curly-haired daughter is in kindergarten this year, and she’s part of a fantastic class in a fabulous school with loving, wonderful teachers.

On inauguration day last week, her teacher asked the kids, “What advice would you give our new president?”

If this question had been asked to a group of adults, I’m sure the sound of crickets would have followed. Or complicated stances on complicated issues. One or the other.

However, these kids know what’s important in life and prove that the simplest advice can be the very best.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Please follow rules.
2. Always tell the truth.
3. Be nice to people.
4. Love others with your heart.
5. Care about all people.
6. Look at others with loving eyes.
7. Do what God wants you to do.
8. Help the poor.

We will pray for you every day.

Each of us would do well in all aspects of life following this simple wisdom.

They are a super group of kids led by a loving, Christ-filled teacher and learning about what’s truly important in life. Thank you to our teachers for loving and guiding our kids every single day.

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