Big Family Life

My husband currently have 6 children with another one on the way. A generation or two ago, we would have been considered totally average by most people’s standards, but these days, we get lots of wide eyes when we’re all out together. Or when our 12 passenger van pulls up.

When we were very first dating, Tyler and I had lots of conversations about what we’d like our family to look like if/when we every got married, and we both knew that we wanted LOTS of babies – TEN to be exact. So here we are 14 years later, 35 years old and expecting baby #7. I don’t know that we’ll make it to ten, but the blessings I receive from each of these kids every day are more than I deserve.

So how do we make it work?? The short answer… we just do. They’re our kids and we love them each as individuals and we do our best with each of them.

I’ve had people say, “you must be SO organized!” And people who actually know me would pee their pants laughing because I’m a hot mess most of the time! We’re late constantly, the laundry is my never-ending story, and I’ve been known to forget to send a library book or permission slip back to school on time.

Here’s the thing about being the mom of a whole herd (or any number really) of kids: not every moment is magical, but not every moment is chaos either.

More on all this soon!