Make-A-List Monday – Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels? I Disagree

August 15th, 2011 | Posted by Bryn in Make-A-List Monday - (Comments Off on Make-A-List Monday – Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels? I Disagree)

Supermodel Kate Moss lives by the motto, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I’m not a model, and I do care about being healthy, but I disagree with Miss Moss.

Let me first tell you that I love food. As a kid, I was a very picky eater and ended up eating cereal for supper many, many times. Now that I’m an adult and a mother, I am much better about trying new things and eating a wide variety of foods that would have disgusted me as a child.

There really are a few certain foods that are just worth the calories because they taste so good.

Margaritas... yum.

  • Movie theatre buttery popcorn
  • Cake on your kid’s birthday
  • Caramello bars
  • Apple pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup
  • Funnel cake
  • Onion rings with horseradish sauce
  • Deep fried anything
  • Deer steak on the grill
  • Vidalia onions and potatoes in foil with butter and seasoning cooked on the grill
  • Cheese lover’s pizza
  • Margaritas with salt
  • Aunt Wendy’s lemon shake-ups with raspberry vodka
  • Strawberries
  • Ice pops (you know, the ones that come in liquid form in the plastic wrappers)
What are your favorite treats? Do you think certain foods are worth the calories?

Make-A-List Monday – Things I Ought to Know By Now

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This week’s Make-A-List Monday is a list of things I ought to know now that I’m an “adult” (I use that term loosely because most days, I still feel like a kid). I’m 27 years old and these are things I just can’t figure out.

  • How to fold a fitted sheet. I still just roll them up and put them in the cabinet. Does it really matter if they have wrinkles? Nah, they’re just sheets.
  • The appeal of reality TV. I know, it’s like I’m from the Dark Age or something. But I’d rather watch a sitcom or a movie or even a soap opera any day.
  • The difference between locusts and cicadas. Okay, so I just learned this one. I always thought they were the same thing, but FYI locusts just look like grasshoppers, and cicadas are the hideous fat flying bugs that leave their shells on trees.
  • How to change a tire. I just call my husband or my dad. I’m blessed to have helpful people in my life.
  • How to properly throw a ball. Yes, I throw like a girl. But I am a girl, so it’s okay.
  • My kids listen to what I say. And I mean really listen. Especially when I’m on the phone. TT is constantly repeating things back to me with the same inflection I use. He’s four now, and it’s scary how smart he is.
  • How to keep houseplants without killing them. Maybe I’ll be better at this when my kids are grown up, but probably not. Either I forget to water them and they dry up, or I drown them and they wilt and turn yellow.
  • Knowing when a baby is teething. You’d think by the third kid, I’d know. All of mine have chewed and slobbered for months before actually cutting a tooth, so I’m never absolutely sure till after it’s in.
  • How to start a charcoal grill. Again, I have men in my life for this task.
  • How to mow the lawn. Really. Not one time. Thanks, honey.
I’m sure there’s more. I’ll update as I think of them.
Although I have gone my whole life without knowing these things, miraculously I’ve survived, thanks to wonderful friends and family to support me. 🙂

Make-A-List Monday – Parenting Realizations

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I’m starting a new series today called Make-A-List Monday. On Mondays, I usually try to make to-do lists of things to get done throughout the week, but these will just be random lists of things that come into my head.

A play-doh flower made for me by my three-year-old last Valentine's Day

Today I made a list of realizations I’ve had since becoming a mother.

  1. I have a real fear of swimming pools, the strings used to pull up mini-blinds, and bumpers on cribs.
  2. When I order food at a restaurant, I always think about what I can eat one-handed.
  3. My threshold to handle anything gross has gone up 100%
  4. My capacity to love has gone up 300% (for my three manaics!)
  5. I (lovingly) call my children maniacs because they have so much energy and are easily amused. We are constantly laughing.
  6. The sweetest things in life are open mouth baby kisses, handfuls of dandelions, and home made art projects, made by loving little hands.
  7. Toys that make noises are an effective way to torture parents.
  8. Name brand clothes really do hold up longer.
  9. I’m so grateful for shopping carts shaped like race cars.
  10. I love my mini-van.
  11. I would much rather shop at Carter’s or Gymboree than Hollister or Express.
  12. I am a more confident person in all aspects of life, and I’m getting better at decision-making. I have to. I’m the mommy.
  13. God is in control, and “my” kids are just borrowed from Him. He loves them even more than I do. How amazing is that?
This list could go on and on. What have you realized about yourself since you became a parent?