The "Simple" in Simply Fulfilled

May 20th, 2011 | Posted by Bryn in Starting the journey - (Comments Off on The "Simple" in Simply Fulfilled)

On my last post, I talked about what “Simply Fulfilled” means. I really focused more on the “fulfilled” part, but the “simply” part is equally important.

Yesterday, I went through my clothes and filled two garbage bags with clothes that I no longer need or want. And I still have a closet full of clothes.

There are many times throughout each day when I feel like I don’t have all the things I’d like to have – our house needs renovating, we still have an analog TV, and we don’t have a playroom for our kids, so their toys take over the living room.

But compared to people living in other countries, what we have is a mansion. We ALWAYS have plenty of delicious food for three healthy meals a day. We ALWAYS have more clothes than we know what do with. And at my house, we ALWAYS have clutter.

Ugh. The clutter is what drives me totally crazy… so here’s another goal for this blog – I’m hopping on the DECLUTTER train. My closet, my house, my file cabinet, and my brain all need decluttering. And away we go!

Starting this blog over. Again…

May 17th, 2011 | Posted by Bryn in Starting the journey - (Comments Off on Starting this blog over. Again…)

I have three kids, and not a lot of extra time. After two separate failed attempts at regularly blogging, here we are. Starting this blog over… again. Hopefully it’ll work out better this time around.

So what does “Simply Fulfilled” even mean? It is my goal for my life. I feel like this culture is constantly pulling everyone to do more, make more money, have more stuff, go on bigger vacations, get the latest fancy cell phone, etc. But is that what life is really all about? Do all those “things” really fulfill me?

My goal is to let what is really important in my life fulfill me – my relationship with my husband, the laughter of my children, and the love and mercy I feel every day from Jesus Christ. Hopefully this blog will help me to get some thoughts out there, and keep me in line with what I’m trying to do.

I’m sure there’ll be some mommy rants on here as well. Children always keep things interesting. Enjoy.

Welcome to Simply Fulfilled!

September 17th, 2010 | Posted by Bryn in Starting the journey - (Comments Off on Welcome to Simply Fulfilled!)

Welcome to Simply Fulfilled, a blog about the challenges I’m facing as a married Christian mother in a growing secular world. Although I always try my best to be “simply fulfilled” with what God has given me, I have many days when I’m not as grateful as I should be.

I also hope to include some recipes, various crafts, and projects as well as different suggestions on how to be frugal with money. My husband and I recently completed Financial Peace University (for more info, visit and we are working on getting out of debt. So frugality is a real part of my life right now as well.

I hope you find my blog to be interesting at least, to get a laugh or two, and maybe even to be inspiring at rare moments. Thanks for reading and check back soon for more updates!