Funny Friday – Double Feature

September 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Bryn in Funny Friday

This week’s Funny Friday is a double feature. Lucky you!

1.) Whenever I get down about the maniacs messing up the house after I just cleaned it, I visit this website:

Sh*t My Kids Ruined

It just makes me feel like a better parent. Plus, it’s always good for a laugh and a “I’m so glad that’s not my house!”

2.) It’s about time to show my family of origin in our 80’s glory. The greatest things about this pic:

My Totally Righteous Family, 80's Style

  • Dad’s sweet ‘stache and dark glasses
  • Little Sister’s navy blue tennis shoes
  • Brother’s matching striped shorts and shirt
  • Older Sister’s neck cord for her glasses
  • My Osh Kosh overalls with no shirt underneath
  • The only thing that’s missing is our beautiful mom, who was behind the camera!
Hope these gave you a laugh. Have a great weekend everyone!

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