Rachel Maddow on the HHS Contraception Mandate – WRONG!

February 7th, 2012 | Posted by Bryn in Uncategorized

I have the Today Show on this morning while I am eating breakfast, and I hear Matt Lauer talking about the new HHS mandate on contraception. He was talking to Rachel Maddow about it and she said, “it’s just a broader contraception issue.” She also claimed that studies show that the majority of Catholics believe that artificial contraception is okay, and that 80% of all Americans “need” this type of coverage.

Then she gave this example (paraphrased of course): An Amish man applies for a job as a bus driver. He gets the job, but then tells his employer, “I’m Amish, so I can’t drive the bus.” Well, he knew what he was applying for, and it’s the same with this new healthcare law.

WHAT? She is totally missing the point here. Of course employees can’t control what type of insurance their employer provides and pays for. The issue is that employers who have a conscientious objection to artificial contraception, abortion causing “contraception” (such as Plan B), and sterilization will still have to pay for it. The issue is that we as Americans have the RIGHT to follow our own consciences. The first Amendment in the Bill of Rights is Freedom of Religion, and this mandate is blatantly violating that right.

This is NOT just a Catholic issue, or even just a contraception issue. It’s a violation of rights issue. The main stream media is doing their best to make it just a Catholic thing, but wake up, people. If the Obama administration is willing to take away our freedom of religion, the freedom to follow our own consciences, what’s next?

For more information on the Catholic Church’s stand on this, click here.

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