Funny Friday: Shoes for the Unemployed

February 10th, 2012 | Posted by Bryn in Funny Friday - (Comments Off on Funny Friday: Shoes for the Unemployed)

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Since my honey and I are going on vacation soon, I have been shopping online for various clothing and shoes that I might need for the trip. Today I was looking at sandals, specifically Adidas Adilette Slides. My sister had a pair of these when she was in high school, and they fit me too, so I wore them a lot. And I loved their retro style, the fact that they aren’t thong sandals, and the comfort.

Today I was on looking to order a pair, and I came across this little gem. Here’s the “most helpful” review:

From “Guy F” in New Jersey:

“These shoes are awesome. They have made my life as an unemployed person so much better. Since I got laid off, I’ve spiraled in to a depression cave that includes zero apartment cleaning. Due to this, my floors are horribly dirty. Now that I have these amazing sandals, I don’t have to step in alternating dirt and wet dirt with my sock feet. They are also great for walking out to the mail box to get all of the “past due” bill notices that are showing up these days. They are very versatile shoes. If you also drink yourself to sleep every night, these are definitely the shoes for you.”

And of course, I marked it as “helpful” too. Have a great weekend everyone!

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