You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

July 14th, 2012 | Posted by Bryn in Faith | Kids

This video just makes me happy.

It also reminds me of the beautiful children I’ve been praying for over the last few months in orphanages around the world. The website Reece’s Rainbow was set up to match special needs orphans from countries who reject these children with loving adoptive parents. Children with HIV, Down syndrome, and other special needs are on the margins of society in many countries, the forgotten children. Many of them have significant medical issues, and many have issues that are easily treated here in the United States. These kids need love most of all!

Although we are not ready to adopt right now, these children have all worked their way into my heart and into my prayers. These children–and ALL of us–were created by God, and they deserve to be loved and cared for by a family, not just by nannies and those paid to watch them. Can you imagine being a child with no one to smile at you, no one to give you hugs, kisses, and gentle motherly love? Some of these faces truly break my heart because these children would be thriving if they had loving parents, instead of spending their entire lives in cribs in mental institutions or simply being let out onto the street at the tender age of 15 or 16.

I pray for these children because that’s all I can do right now. But I believe that prayer can work wonders, and faith can move mountains. I read somewhere–Faith isn’t wondering if God can, it’s knowing He WILL.*  I also hope that getting these children’s pictures out to many different people will help them find their parents more quickly!

These children don’t know they’re beautiful.

(Click on their photos to view their profiles on Reece’s Rainbow)


Jarod 15H

Alina B. 15H

Victoria 16G


Holly 25C

Beckett 15H


Pray with me.

Almighty Lord, we give You all the praise and thanksgiving. You are our Lord and Savior, our light and our salvation, and all praise goes to You. Lord, you see these children even when the rest of the world forgets or they get hidden away. We don’t understand why some children are so loved while others are totally abandoned, but we know that Your love is perfect, and that You’ll have mercy on these little ones. We are crying out to you on behalf of these little ones and all others in similar situations, including unborn babies who have been aborted. Open the hearts of those who are able to adopt to bring home these beautiful children and give them the love they so need and deserve, according to Your will. Be with the children while they wait, and shine your love upon them in all circumstances. Amen.


 *If you know where that quote came from, let me know and I’ll give the person credit where it is due.

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